New location for dads & things

Over the next few days I will be moving the files from the current location for dads & things, the blog for Fathers for Life, from to

The learning curve is steep for me, and I am involved in a lot of other things. Therefore I have no idea how long the move will take or what sort of problems I will run into. Still, I am not the first one to make such a move. Somehow I will muddle my way through it all.

There is another complication. The host server where the blog is currently located is in the process of migrating the blog to a new version of WordPress software (their words). The time that will take is estimated by them to be about a month. Therefore the move to the new location cannot be completed until that is done.

Comments on the current blog are closed, and, until I can figure out how to do it here, they will remain closed for the blog at the new location, at least until after the move has been completed. I cannot do very many things at the same time and can’t get them all unto one plate.

A few postings will be made before anything else is done, postings that I had wanted to make but was not able to make because the host server for the current location of dads & things had locked me out of my own blog. Ironically, I was locked out on account of the migration they are doing right now. During that process they determined that the blog was receiving too many spam messages. Well, that was a problem for me, too, for a long time now. However, they could never tell me what I needed to do to keep the spam out of the blog, for which reason I had to play it safe and close the blog for comments.

As far as hosting the blog goes, I know that when the move is all over, dads & things will be in better hands.

So, have a bit of patience, please. Things will settle down, eventually.