By Phyllis Schlafly
Nov. 1998


BIZARRE AND WEIRDO COURSES — One reason college tuition is so high is that it must cover the cost of paying high-priced professors to teach dozens or hundreds of worthless courses that are not education at all, but are just propaganda, entertainment, or behavior modification. Here are some titles of courses currently taught at major universities:

  • Columbia: “Sorcery and Magic.”
  • Dartmouth: “Queer Theory, Queer Texts.”
  • Harvard: “Fetishism” and “Feminist Biblical Interpretation.”
  • Yale: “AIDS and Society” and “Queer Histories.”
  • Cornell: “Gay Fiction.”
  • Princeton: “Sexuality: Bodies, Desires, and Modern Times.”
  • University of Pennsylvania: “Feminist Critique of Christianity.”
  • Brown: “Unnatural Acts: Introduction to Lesbian and Gay Literature.”
  • Bucknell: “Witchcraft and Politics.”
  • Middlebury: “Female Erotic Literature of Latin America.”
  • Stanford: “Homosexuals, Heretics, Witches, and Werewolves: Deviants in Medieval Society.”
  • Vassar: “Global Feminisms.”
  • Williams: “Witchcraft, Sorcery, and Magic.”
  • Rutgers: “Homoerotic Literature.”
  • University of Colorado: “Queer Theory.”
  • University of Massachusetts: “Rock and Roll.
  • University of Michigan: “Crossing Erotic Boundaries.”
  • University of Wisconsin: “Goddesses and Feminine Powers.”


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Robert Heinlein, renowned engineer (if for nothing other than inventing the water bed) and science fiction writer, provided a similar list in 1980.(Expanded Universe, pp. 521-535)

I leave it up to you to determine whether things got better or worse since then. Mind you, looking at Phyllis Schlafly’s list shown above, the answer is unavoidable. A substantial number of subjects can now be found whose themes not even Robert Heinlein dreamed would be part of the curriculum now, even though the beginnings were there when he compiled his list.

Obviously, such courses as some of those he identified (e.g.: Philosophy of the Self, Mysticism, The Phenomenon of Man, The Novel of Adultery, The Search for a New Life Style, and Western Occultism: Magic, Myth, and Heresy) spawned some if not all of those that made Phyllis Schlafly’s list.

Here is Robert Heinlein’s 1980 list.

Fifteen years have gone by since Phyllis Schlafly constructed her list. I hope that someone makes the effort to provide a status report on where the feminist-dominated and -controlled curriculum has taken us now.

Do you have any second thoughts on whether you should go into hock to pay the tuition fees that your kids need to get an education like that? Well, that is the brave, new world of feminism. Let it take your kids for a ride. Perhaps they will get your money’s worth out of it. What do you think?