dads & things awarded Badge of Recognition

dads & things awarded Badge of Recognition

O2 and Symantec now censored and blocked dads & things too.
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Anorexia Nervosa : Changing ideals of beauty, intense insane obsession, or perhaps just a passing fad?

skeleton7During the week of Dec. 3 – 9, 2006, the anorexia-nervosa web page at Fathers for Life had an all-time maximum number of 42,028 visits. During the past week (Mar. 10 – 16, 2013) the number of visits to that page was down to 46. Is it safe to say that the anorexia-nervosa fad is over?

It is not easy to find statistics on absolute numbers of Internet searches that people make for the term “anorexia nervosa”, but Google Trends permits to make comparisons of trends. Let’s consider search trends for two terms that show the popularity of the term “anorexia nervosa” in relation to something else that people search for. Let’s compare anorexia nervosa, motherhood, and fatherhood.

Anorexia Nervosa is a fad

Here are some inconvenient facts, welcomed by anti-feminist activists and mourned by feminists whom young women unabashedly call “dinosaurs”. It is a reality that should give pause to ingrained feminists and their camp followers..

It can be argued that anorexia nervosa no longer interests people very much, so much so that is has lost virtually all public interest. However, if we assume — on the strength of those trend lines — that anorexia nervosa has faded from public view, then fatherhood did so already quite some time ago, and motherhood will be following soon.

Which concerns are taking their place? Do you think that feminism can surpass them all in capturing public interest? That was true in 2004, but feminism, too, is fading from view.

It is interesting that, over the long term, the rise, and fall from grace (or at least the disappearance from the radar of public interest) of anorexia nervosa closely parallel those of the fad of modern feminism. Have a look.

Both are fads, just blinks in the history of civilization, but we have to endure them, pay for them, and we must repair the damages they cause.


By Phyllis Schlafly
Nov. 1998


BIZARRE AND WEIRDO COURSES — One reason college tuition is so high is that it must cover the cost of paying high-priced professors to teach dozens or hundreds of worthless courses that are not education at all, but are just propaganda, entertainment, or behavior modification. Here are some titles of courses currently taught at major universities:

  • Columbia: “Sorcery and Magic.”
  • Dartmouth: “Queer Theory, Queer Texts.”
  • Harvard: “Fetishism” and “Feminist Biblical Interpretation.”
  • Yale: “AIDS and Society” and “Queer Histories.”
  • Cornell: “Gay Fiction.”
  • Princeton: “Sexuality: Bodies, Desires, and Modern Times.”
  • University of Pennsylvania: “Feminist Critique of Christianity.”
  • Brown: “Unnatural Acts: Introduction to Lesbian and Gay Literature.”
  • Bucknell: “Witchcraft and Politics.”
  • Middlebury: “Female Erotic Literature of Latin America.”
  • Stanford: “Homosexuals, Heretics, Witches, and Werewolves: Deviants in Medieval Society.”
  • Vassar: “Global Feminisms.”
  • Williams: “Witchcraft, Sorcery, and Magic.”
  • Rutgers: “Homoerotic Literature.”
  • University of Colorado: “Queer Theory.”
  • University of Massachusetts: “Rock and Roll.
  • University of Michigan: “Crossing Erotic Boundaries.”
  • University of Wisconsin: “Goddesses and Feminine Powers.”


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Robert Heinlein, renowned engineer (if for nothing other than inventing the water bed) and science fiction writer, provided a similar list in 1980.(Expanded Universe, pp. 521-535)

I leave it up to you to determine whether things got better or worse since then. Mind you, looking at Phyllis Schlafly’s list shown above, the answer is unavoidable. A substantial number of subjects can now be found whose themes not even Robert Heinlein dreamed would be part of the curriculum now, even though the beginnings were there when he compiled his list.

Obviously, such courses as some of those he identified (e.g.: Philosophy of the Self, Mysticism, The Phenomenon of Man, The Novel of Adultery, The Search for a New Life Style, and Western Occultism: Magic, Myth, and Heresy) spawned some if not all of those that made Phyllis Schlafly’s list.

Here is Robert Heinlein’s 1980 list.

Fifteen years have gone by since Phyllis Schlafly constructed her list. I hope that someone makes the effort to provide a status report on where the feminist-dominated and -controlled curriculum has taken us now.

Do you have any second thoughts on whether you should go into hock to pay the tuition fees that your kids need to get an education like that? Well, that is the brave, new world of feminism. Let it take your kids for a ride. Perhaps they will get your money’s worth out of it. What do you think?


New location for dads & things

Over the next few days I will be moving the files from the current location for dads & things, the blog for Fathers for Life, from to

The learning curve is steep for me, and I am involved in a lot of other things. Therefore I have no idea how long the move will take or what sort of problems I will run into. Still, I am not the first one to make such a move. Somehow I will muddle my way through it all.

There is another complication. The host server where the blog is currently located is in the process of migrating the blog to a new version of WordPress software (their words). The time that will take is estimated by them to be about a month. Therefore the move to the new location cannot be completed until that is done.

Comments on the current blog are closed, and, until I can figure out how to do it here, they will remain closed for the blog at the new location, at least until after the move has been completed. I cannot do very many things at the same time and can’t get them all unto one plate.

A few postings will be made before anything else is done, postings that I had wanted to make but was not able to make because the host server for the current location of dads & things had locked me out of my own blog. Ironically, I was locked out on account of the migration they are doing right now. During that process they determined that the blog was receiving too many spam messages. Well, that was a problem for me, too, for a long time now. However, they could never tell me what I needed to do to keep the spam out of the blog, for which reason I had to play it safe and close the blog for comments.

As far as hosting the blog goes, I know that when the move is all over, dads & things will be in better hands.

So, have a bit of patience, please. Things will settle down, eventually.